Friday, April 23, 2010

small steps

Ok, so i looked at my first post and suddenly ( as always) the memory of a previous book cover came to me ..... I will search it out and publish it here, I am constantly amazed that the ordinary objects that surround me appear in my art works .... uninvited just appear and demand to hold a place there! Mostly I appease the muse and allow all assaults on my creative stream ... in the mean time another pic .... this is where I am hanging out at the moment, helping to fix a gallery of 12 prints outside the 'au pair trees' house somewhere in inner space

post one

I am working on a couple of projects this image is to be part of the mancalla game journey a series of 48 worlds to visit with text. the will eventually end up replacing the stuff on my webpage. I am new to blogging tried to start before but I always end up making art instead of showing art lol