Monday, August 9, 2010

boschian ripoffs

whew where am I now? I have to do some research find the coordinates pin it down for a bit! or a byte!

i made this inside a space heaven, interesting restriction I had not anticipated, although I should have! i lost my ambient light and the distant light so i need to set up some illumination inside the spherical space.

it is getting very sculptural now OK back to it before it shifts its paralelity to my universe I will keep u posted!

a friend from artzone asked how i get the ideas for these images so here is a small tale related to the scene above :

i just start a piece by picking an object out of my model folder. Then for these few renders I found a sort of starry colour map on the textures site. I just like to look around for odd things like tiled roofing or sky maps and the yellowy orange map just jumped forward and said 'USE ME - USE ME! ( i recognise this call from my own voice as i am always calling out too) the rest is history ... I started with the column and I have this thing going with Eau Pears but I am thinking of those girls .... a pear appears and I had one in my folder .... well the world doesnt notice unless you use a bit of STICK and this is what i do I get a stick wield it around the arena of light find a home for it ... perhaps near the pear .... but how to place it ? ... along comes a flourish in the form of a rust twirl ... I see that the stick will fit in here with a bit of resizing ... the world is taking shape ... i made a cylindrical base ... I wanted a bit of relection but not clear like a mirror so i chose to make the surface of the cylinder polished copper .... I between time I am looking around in my computer to see where the hell I stored all my files ... the scene is a bit bare ... i found a berry in my model folder so i placed it on the dish ... before I could stop it 'springtwitter jumped into my mind and dragged herself onto the screen ... I tried to warn her off this was not a place for her to fly yet !.... no way next thing i knew I had her hanging of the stick and she was caught .... then I didnt want to feel the guilt of having placed the stick itself so I thought i could share the blame with the two spirals that i hung on the stick ... I added a loop and hung a smokey spiral of it ... haha! you see it was the distraction that caused the accident .... not I!! ... I put up a plane and stuck on some tiles I found washed them out for a bit more mystery then the idea came to me to use a sheprical sky so I made a big sphere and added the yellow orange map to it .... SHIT!!! every thing went dark the scene light was outside and I had turned the ambience off ...

This is what i like now i got to light up the pieces and watch the shadows appear and amaze me .... ( I find it a great help to the imagination to watch the shadows appear on the scenes ) sometimes i will move the camera around to find the best shadow and have it as a focus. I am always amazed ! although I expect them to be there because i have lights I never know all the objects that will throw a shadow ... tuning turning they too start their story ... I wonder what they represent to me ... it is a bit like a dream really the thing i recognise the shadow to be is telling me something about my life right now .... Next I started to add lights ... a couple of spots with light comes for some drama ... enter the fogg .... the story became a little confused and fog set in ... i grabbed a couple of springs and enveloped the fog ... important!! so I added the xxxxxxx x x x x x 's the disc was a bit thin so I added some depth and made a frame out of it ... still it didnt work floating so I tried my dome thistle thingiee and gave it a short haircut for lawn .... HA! I made a suburb ... i went shopping brough a couple of new pears and chucked them on the column ... looking through my hex models file I found a couple of darts I had not used ... soooo befcause it looked like a target on the ground i chucked them at it and the landed ( i cheated and moved them into possy .. DESIGN RULES! )

that is pretty much it ... there is ofcourse a lot more going on in the dialog with my waking dream but that has passed and I would need to keep a journal of the events as they pass ...

doeoflight, I hope this gives you an inkling of the events that make my works.

if it sounds like a lot of dribble ... then ... yes, my entire world is just a bit of dribble hanging of the sages lip .................