Saturday, May 1, 2010


i was a bout to restart the grid for the sixth sense when a damaged hummer came scultling by ... caught up with the repairs so I will be a little slower getting back to the project ... gotta make a number of tools now I made an anvil now some pliers and a few hammers oh yep a little forge ... busy busy ...

hummer flyby

well this took overnight to render I just neede some time off so i thought to have a look the ocean is far too busy it is the first time i used ocean it allows me some great shadows but this is too much movement will have to find a way to tone it down. well enough play back to the sixth sense job ...

Friday, April 30, 2010

I started a conversation with another world : the islands of the sixth sense and they are under construction now . a quick pic for starters.

So I am thinking about six worlds ... well obviously the ellementals four + 1 , earth, air, fire, water + ether and the sixth element illusionary will be difficult to reach the paths to it will be not obvious or complex ... the pathways to the other islands will be as easy as their interactivity demands ... I see a viewing platform in the centre and then it becomes a tripod and the tripod is reversed as two interlocking tetrahedrons ... that the sixth path ... well let me get to the adventure and report back to you!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

well this is where I am going to stop for a while ... added a house in the distance .. with some outside plumbing that will get more detail as we get closer to it had a play with the plants ... i put a smaller plant inside another and made it flatter and raised it up to be flowers after changing the color map of the leaves ...not happy with the long path yet i would rather see the texture sq but i need to make something new now so That's it for now ... and yes first time grass from hair ..
tell me what you think

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

made a sky added some blue colour to break it up a bit extended the path and planted a forrest of au pears .... now i will open the gate a bit and import the treeshape for the distance ... i made some soup for the forrest to grow in and look at all the lovely shadows!
this looks a little more promising now to find some highlights and add the faerie fountain ... tomorrow
Well a few changes made now ... i planted my own au pair trees and i lifted a few more lights ... now i feel it is too bright .. so by the next pose i will have adjusted these points
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

now with two lights next frame will have been tweaked with all the flame lights

I turned the big light off ... surprised to find enough ambient light (see above)?? is it coming of the flame laterns? and then i started to add an alpha map to give some texture to the flame shapes I use a sponge it sort of looks like closes flames ... then I wished carrara had search functions like how to find all the shapes with the same name and select them could have saved some time opening each flame and resetting it to new specs ... then ! low and behold i found I had attempted to light up the flames using bulbs so i found the bulbs were embedded in the staff and not the flame ... I shifted the up and adjusted the brightness to see what happens ..... and the results from turning on one flame are seen in the uppermost image

I found this ( yes I know, I should have saved and filed it but ..) I found it looking for where all my other files were saved !!!! untidy mind but ;) ... So, it is a scene I put together, all done in carraras early days, I used no lighting then I only modeled spline model and primitives ... what I will do now is use my new found knowledge to 'tart it up' 'pimp' it ... lets see what happens, this is my plan: I want to make the torches emit some light on their surroundings add some fog as clouds in the distance plant some vegetation using surface replicators and put in my own au pair trees put ariel into the picture as the fountain fairy or muse and make some grass that will bring my PC to its knees shuddering for more memory ... well time to think of me too PC what about my memory ... fading ... fading but enough let me set to work and post updates as they bring some light on the final render ... YES I will have fun and i wish you the same

Monday, April 26, 2010

After I made the tree in Hexagon I added a load of regions to be able to export the model with the ability to take on different textures i planted it next to the Ocean (with waves) and added a forest of 'au pair' trees then some light and springtwitter cam into view ... he must have been cruising trying to stay ahead of the nectar hunters ... I liked using two different colour light beams and to see them interact like real light was a buzz ... in the distance i made an unreal mountain that is really just a light beam with fog over it .. I will post some closeups to follow
another view of the rescue vehicle coming in

here is the preliminary rescue vehicle needs a bit of tarting up but if feels on the way ... gonna find the handrails for this rim as well ... then I am going to add more regions to use shade rs on wrap some ropes around the stick to hold fast and set about getting the crane built that rescues springtwitter may be a busy day coming up ... i spent a lot of time working on a swirly smoke but it is not really working as smoke ... more investigations ahead
the reflection of the triangle in the circle fascinated me and i conspired to toss the glass piece toward the reflection the interesting thing was that the reflection could not be seen until the painting rendered .... like the glaze ... in the story as I was modeling the dome shape used for the hair piece in hexagon and I went back and forth between the renders setup and the modeling program ... the thistle model was slowly coming to life in hexagon so i sent a few exports on the way to completion ... that gave me a dried sort of feel to the thistle ... I adjusted the render and saw it could be a fly trap ... immediately springtwitter came to mind and it gave me another platform in the story and an opportunity for another vehicle ... the rescue vehicle, as it came to pass I had duplicated the dome and it tied WAY BACK to some works I did in the early eighties so i decided to make a seedpod style vehicle like a balloon and make it come to springtwitters rescue

I was rendering this in a larger scene and I noticed that the reflections rendered ahead of the main effects in space .... so how cool is that life is preempted by reflection ! time to think about that! ... I think i have said it before, it is like pottery, the render is the firing of the kiln and although I have expectations to get a certain result I don't have all the cards in hand as there are reflections that are like the real world ... at least out of my control !

I found the cartoon renderer in Cararra and took a quick snapshot of the surface replicator forest .. I made some groups to replicate and gave them random sizes and rotations so they would look more like nature ... click to see it larger .. the tree was fashioned in Hexagon and ported to Cararra for renders ... and I made the new title bar above ...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I used this as my startup page in my website for a few weeks ... it was too load intensive to work for me perhaps a preload when i learn how to the animations were all running the clouds turned to rain ... the eternity symbol was a ball in motion ... the left column rotated ... all flash animations ... I liked the images and used them in my tarot project ..(must finish it)!!!!(!!!) ... but butt ...

This is a gathering of sticks from the jungle in Fiji ... I brought them back to my room and photographed them as well as making a totem in my room during the three months i was there ... and you have seen it or will see it in my 3D modeling ... odd how these things appear in my story and then i remember where i have seen them ... I modeled the twirl in Hexagon as I was learning to sweep paths then looking through the images on the mac to port across to the PC i found this as well as others to publish here .

physics in cararra

a small animation in Cararra showing the physics used to bounce the nectar gatherer on a reflective surface... I am amazed by the fine implementation of this ability in the program ... just love it ... need more RAM to get more out!

dummy runn

run dummy run! I noticed the mannequin lying on the shelf and realised it is the last of the clip models i used for a while now ... into reinventing the wheel again and realise that in my life this is what i have been doing all along ... reinventing unnecessarily but it seems unavoidable to me now ... it is just my approach to life I face the events that are my life and make it up as i pass along ... the fools own journey !...

shelf life

I have to hang my hat up for a while the present systems shelf life has come to pass ...
Boo Hoo .... I realise ( although long suspected) that the PC I am working on has limitations .... I need to fix it .... I was starting a render of the present world I am working in and had to make everything boxes to get the scene to move into camera sights soooooooooooo slow! I think RAM first then a faster processor ... well I will spend a bit more time on getting my art gallery into picasa ...